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Nodyn Roadmap

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22 August, 2014

Nodyn Roadmap

Since we switched strategies and have begun focusing almost exclusively on the process.binding integration that the Node.js Javascript depends on, we have made great strides and major headway towards full API compatibility. This approach was discussed briefly by Bob McWhirter in our inaugural post. The details of this change are worthy of more explanation, but I will save that for another day, and just examine what this change means for the overall plans through the rest of this year.

Project Vision

While we are aware of other efforts such as Avatar.js, our goal is to become the defacto Node.js runtime on the JVM. As part of this effort we intend to accomplish the following.

  • Provide full Node.js API compatibility
  • Integrate with existing Java technologies and publishing these technologies as NPM modules
  • Work with NPM maintainers to determine the best way to include Java-based NPM modules in NPM repositories
  • Integrate with existing Java servers such as Vert.x and Wildfly
  • Ensure that the user workflow can be similar if not identical to native Node.js development

Project Timeline

At the moment, we have not nailed down any specific dates other than a goal of having an initial release by the end of 2014. The current known GitHub issues are now organized into two milestones on GitHub.

Milestone one, or M1, is focused on fleshing out the Node.js API and ensuring that we provide comprehensive Java and/or Javascript binding coverage. Our overall coverage will be measured by three high-level goals.

  • Generate using harp npm module via nodyn
  • Create example apps using the connect.js framework
  • Create example apps using the express.js framework

Accomplishing these three simple goals will ensure that we have broad coverage of the Node.js API for both networking and file system operations. While we know this will not ensure complete coverage, it will take us a long way towards that goal.

For our second milestone, M2, we anticipate full API coverage. Here we will expand and build on the functionality delivered in M1. This milestone will also include a reorganization of the code base so that we take better advantage of the existing joyent/node.git repository structure - eliminating the need to copy and paste the Node.js Javascript files from Joyent as they change. Some specific goals are:

User Feedback

Is there anything you would like to see on our roadmap that is not here? Are there other NPM modules that we should ensure work on Nodyn? If you are a Java developer, what Java technologies would you like to integrate with? We are here to help. Leave your comments here, or join us in #nodyn on freenode.