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Node.js API for the JVM

Talk to Us

4 September 2014

Talk to Us

As much as I love IRC for developer communication, it's easy to miss conversations, requests, bug reports, etc. And now that we're ready to start talking about Nodyn a bit more publicly, we really need to fill the communication gap. So, I have created a Google Group to fill some of these holes.

Nodyn Roadmap

22 August, 2014

Nodyn Roadmap

Since we switched strategies and have begun focusing almost exclusively on the process.binding integration that the Node.js Javascript depends on, we have made great strides and major headway towards full API compatibility. This approach was discussed briefly by Bob McWhirter in our inaugural post. The details of this change are worthy of more explanation, but I will save that for another day, and just examine what this change means for the overall plans through the rest of this year.

Node.js inside Vert.x

21 August, 2014

Strike that. Reverse it. Node.js (Nodyn) inside Vert.x

Yesterday we talked about how to gain access to Vert.x functionality within your Node.js scripts run by Nodyn. Today we're going to invert that idea, and show you how you can take existing Node.js workloads, run them inside of Vert.x (including on a cluster) and integrate them with existing pure Vert.x components you might already have.

Vert.x with Nodyn

20 August, 2014

Nodyn and Vert.x?

Yesterday, we pointed out that Nodyn uses Vert.x under the covers to power our event-loop (replacing the libuv event-loop in Node.js). Additionally, Nodyn has an NPM module that can make bits of Vert.x directly usable by your Node.js applications.

Welcome to Nodyn

19 August, 2014

Who, What, How?

Nodyn is Red Hat's implementation of Node.js on top of the Java Virtual Machine. Currently Nodyn is tracking the 0.12 release of Node.js. The project is lead by Lance Ball with Bob McWhirter pitching in.

Lance and Bob are part of the team responsible for TorqueBox, and are familiar with taking languages and frameworks that don't run on the Java Virtual Machine already, and making them run on the JVM.